Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter , Snapchat and Reddit

From fiery tweets to candid Snapchat stories, TI’s daughter Zonnique Pullins gives an unfiltered look into her world through social media. With a larger-than-life personality like her famous parents, Tiny and TI, Zonnique captivates fans across platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit. Her unapologetic attitude leaps off the screen whether she’s posting glam photos, funny videos, or heartfelt life updates. Though she was born into fame, Zonnique has forged her own path as an artist and public figure. This inside glimpse into “Zonnique Video: Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter, Snapchat and Reddit” reveals a bold spirit determined to let her authentic self shine. Following gokeylessvn.com !

Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter , Snapchat and Reddit
Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter , Snapchat and Reddit

Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter

Zonnique Pullins is the daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Harris from the 90s R&B group Xscape. Her father is Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins. She was born on March 20, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the child of famous musicians, Zonnique spent much of her childhood touring with her mother. She later formed the girl group OMG Girlz with her friends and step-sisters. The group disbanded in 2015.

Today, Zonnique has over 1.6 million Instagram followers and regularly engages with fans online. She is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy.

This article provides an in-depth look at Zonnique’s social media presence, focusing on her activity on Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Zonnique Pullins’ Twitter Presence

With over 164,000 followers, Twitter is one of Zonnique Pullins’ main social media platforms. Fans can gain insight into her life by searching her handle “@ZonniqueJailee” and browsing her tweets and replies.

Noteworthy Zonnique Twitter Moments

Over the years, Zonnique has shared many personal moments on Twitter. In December 2020, she tweeted the first photo of her newborn daughter. She often promotes her music and TV show The Mix on Twitter.

Zonnique also interacts directly with fans, replying to questions and comments. Recently she responded to rumors about joining OnlyFans on the platform.

Searching for Zonnique Pullins on Twitter

The best way to find Zonnique’s tweets is to search her full name “Zonnique Pullins” or her handle “@ZonniqueJailee” on Twitter’s search bar. You can also click directly on her profile photo from search results.

Once on her page, browse her tweets & replies, media, and likes to see her Twitter activity. Make sure to check the Filters menu for options like Top or Latest tweets.

How to Find Zonnique Pullins’ Tweets

Here are some tips for finding Zonnique’s best tweets:

  • Search key terms like “Tiny”, “pregnancy”, or “music” along with “Zonnique Pullins” to find relevant tweets.
  • Filter by Latest tweets and Replies to see her most recent interactions.
  • Click “Media” to access Zonnique’s photo and video tweets quickly.
  • Check her profile every few days for new tweets and updates.
  • Turn on notifications so you never miss a Zonnique twitter moment.

Key Information from Zonnique’s Twitter Account

Zonnique’s Twitter account provides a direct line of communication with her as a public figure. Fans can learn about her music, TV projects, family life, and opinions on current issues.

Her tweets offer a authentic, unfiltered look at her personality and interests. She often shows her silly sense of humor on the platform.

Overall, following Zonnique Pullins on Twitter is the best way to keep up with her life in real time.

Snapchat and Zonnique Pullins

In addition to Twitter, Zonnique Pullins is active on Snapchat under the username “Zonniquejailee”. She gives fans a glimpse into her everyday life through candid Snapchat stories.

Zonnique’s Snapchat Username

To find Zonnique’s Snapchat profile, search for the exact username “zonniquejailee” on Snapchat’s search bar. Her profile photo is currently a selfie showing her pregnant belly.

Make sure to click the “+” button to add her as a friend to view her public stories. Her private stories are only visible to close friends.

Posts from Zonnique’s Snapchat Account

Zonnique’s Snapchat posts often showcase her pregnancy journey and time with boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. She shares video snippets showing doctor visits, baby gifts, glam sessions, and relaxing at home.

Fans also get a peek at her travels, family time with Tiny, and behind-the-scenes moments from projects. She promotes new music and TV appearances through her Snapchat as well.

Snapchat Hack and Leaked Images

In October 2022, Zonnique revealed her Snapchat was hacked and personal images were leaked online. She firmly denied creating an OnlyFans account or intentionally releasing intimate photos.

Zonnique tweeted that she was “not that type of girl” and would never voluntarily share private content on OnlyFans. She emphasised the images were illicitly obtained and distributed without her consent.

Zonnique Pullins Denies Having a Snapchat OnlyFans

Despite rumors of leaked Snapchat images, Zonnique has made it clear she does not have an OnlyFans account. During a YouTube Live, she told fans any photos did not come from her directly.

She speculated the images may be old photos or videos meant solely for a past partner. Zonnique maintains she has never purposefully created exclusive content for paying subscribers on OnlyFans or similar sites.

Zonnique Pullins on Reddit

While less active on Reddit herself, Zonnique Pullins remains a hot topic of discussion on the platform. Fans debate her music, TV appearances, and family dynamics on various Reddit threads.

Reddit Discussions About TI’s Daughter Zonnique

The r/BlackCelebrityGossip subreddit has several threads related to Tiny’s daughter Zonnique Pullins. Users discuss her pregnancy, relationship with parents, and recent social media controversies.

Some fans voice support while others criticize her behavior and life choices. She also gets mentioned on r/AtlantaTV and r/TinyHarris subreddits from time to time.

Zonnique Pullins Content on Reddit

Most Reddit content about Zonnique comes from fans sharing news, photos, or opinions. Zonnique herself rarely posts directly on Reddit.

However, she did once participate in a r/Music AMA thread to engage with Redditors about her EP. Fans asked for details about her creative process and musical influences.

Best Reddit Posts About Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique

Here are some of the most popular Reddit posts related to Zonnique Pullins:

  • r/BlackCelebrityGossip megathread compiling reactions to Zonnique’s pregnancy news
  • r/AtlantaTV video clip of Zonnique on her family’s reality show
  • r/TinyHarris discussion about Zonnique’s leaked Snapchat controversy
  • r/Music AMA thread where Zonnique answers fan questions
  • r/hiphopheads review of Zonnique’s 2020 EP “Love Jones”

More Social Media Presence

Beyond Twitter, Snapchat and Reddit, fans can also connect with Zonnique Pullins on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Instagram Photos of TI’s Daughter Zonnique Pullins

With 1.6 million Instagram followers, this is Zonnique’s most popular platform. Fans can browse her fashion and lifestyle photos by following her account @zonniquejailee.

She often shows off her daring sense of style in glamorous outfits and makeup looks. Zonnique also shares revealing pregnancy photos documenting her journey to motherhood.

YouTube Videos Featuring Zonnique

Zonnique has her own self-titled YouTube channel with over 114k subscribers. Videos include music videos, acoustic performances, behind-the-scenes vlogs, beauty tutorials, and tag videos with her siblings.

She also makes appearances on her family’s reality show T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. Clips and full episodes can be found on YouTube as well.

Connecting with Zonnique Across Platforms

To stay on top of Zonnique’s latest updates, follow her on multiple platforms:

  • Twitter (@ZonniqueJailee) for real-time life updates
  • Instagram (@zonniquejailee) to see her most glamorous photos
  • Snapchat (zonniquejailee) for casual sneak peeks at her everyday life
  • YouTube (Zonnique) for music and video content
  • Reddit threads like r/BlackCelebrityGossip for fan discussions

Zonnique as TI’s Daughter

As the daughter of famous rapper T.I. and R&B singer Tiny, Zonnique Pullins was born into the spotlight. She’s created her own path while still maintaining a close relationship with her mega-star parents.

Growing Up with Famous Parents Tiny and TI

Zonnique Pullins grew up touring with her mother’s 90s girl group Xscape. She was often cared for by family while Tiny was on the road.

Her father Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins was in and out of prison during her childhood. However, her stepdad T.I. entered her life when she was around 10 years old.

Zonnique admits being TI’s daughter meant learning to share her mom’s attention at a young age. But she also gained high-profile step-siblings like R&B artist Domani Harris.

Zonnique Pullins Relationship with Her Parents

While rumours of family turmoil occasionally surface, Zonnique seems to have a solid relationship with both her biological parents and stepdad today.

She speaks fondly of her tight-knit family and credits Tiny and T.I. for supporting her career. The family collaborates creatively and appears together on shows like T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

However, Zonnique does wish she had more dedicated mother-daughter time with Tiny growing up. Touring and Tiny’s relationship with TI often took priority when she was young.

How TI and Tiny Have Influenced Zonnique

There’s no denying T.I. and Tiny’s impact on shaping Zonnique into the outspoken, genre-bending artist she is today.

Tiny encouraged Zonnique to sing and perform from a very young age. T.I.’s hip hop swagger and entrepreneurial drive also clearly influenced her musical and business ambitions.

However, Zonnique has ultimately forged her own path as an artist and created her own unique sound and style. Fans get to watch her continue to flourish on her family’s reality show and social media.


From Twitter to Snapchat, Zonnique Pullins gives fans an intimate look at her life online. She’s transitioned from a girl group member to solo artist, TV personality, and soon a mother.

Across all platforms, Zonnique remains committed to keeping it real and connecting authentically with supporters. She proudly embraces being TI’s daughter while also establishing her own identity.

Fans can continue following Zonnique’s journey on social media and her family’s popular reality show. One thing is for certain – whether posting glam photos or funny tweets, Zonnique Pullins will always let her bold, unapologetic personality shine through.