Roderick Jackson Obituary: Remembering the Tragic Loss in Waltham

The accident on Totten Pond Road involving Roderick Jackson and veteran Waltham police officer Paul Tracey, tragically took their lives. Peter Simon’s reckless actions, fleeing the scene, led to this heartbreaking loss. The community’s response has been one of profound grief, with heartfelt statements from Roderick’s family and an outpouring of support from colleagues and neighbors. At, we pay tribute to Roderick Jackson Obituary, whose life was tragically cut short in a devastating accident in Waltham. Roderick, a dedicated National Grid worker from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was known for his unwavering commitment to his job and community. His positive attributes, including boundless ambition and kindness, left a lasting impact on all who knew him.

Roderick Jackson Obituary: Remembering the Tragic Loss in Waltham
Roderick Jackson Obituary: Remembering the Tragic Loss in Waltham

I. Roderick Jackson Obituary

Roderick Jackson, a resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a dedicated National Grid worker known for his unwavering commitment to his job and his community. At the age of 36, he had already made a substantial impact on those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Roderick’s life was characterized by his boundless ambition, kindness, and a deep sense of responsibility. He approached every task with diligence and a willingness to go above and beyond to help others. Whether it was assisting his colleagues at National Grid or lending a helping hand to neighbors in need, Roderick’s positive attitude and work ethic left a lasting impression on all who crossed his path.

Tragically, Roderick Jackson’s life was cut short due to a devastating accident in Waltham. He, along with fellow National Grid workers and veteran Waltham police officer Paul Tracey, was involved in an incident that led to the loss of lives. This obituary serves as a means to remember Roderick Jackson and pay tribute to the remarkable individual he was, highlighting the profound impact he had on his family, friends, and the community as a whole.

Roderick Jackson Obituary
Roderick Jackson Obituary

II. The Tragic Accident in Waltham

The tragedy that befell the community of Waltham unfolded on Totten Pond Road, casting a dark shadow over an otherwise peaceful day. It was a day that would forever be etched in the memories of those who witnessed the heart-wrenching incident.

Roderick Jackson, a dedicated National Grid worker, and Paul Tracey, a highly respected veteran of the Waltham police force, found themselves laboring alongside two fellow National Grid employees on that fateful day. Little did they know that their lives would be forever changed by the reckless actions of one individual.

The circumstances surrounding the accident began when Peter Simon, a 54-year-old man from Woodsville, New Hampshire, attempted to execute a U-turn on the road. In a desperate and ill-fated maneuver, he collided with an oncoming vehicle, setting off a chain of events that would culminate in unimaginable tragedy.

Peter Simon, rather than facing the consequences of his actions, chose to flee the scene, leaving devastation in his wake. It was his reckless attempt to escape that resulted in the untimely deaths of Roderick Jackson and Paul Tracey. Their lives were extinguished due to a senseless act of negligence, leaving a void that can never be filled.

As the community of Waltham grappled with the shock and grief of losing two cherished members, the authorities moved swiftly to bring Peter Simon to justice. His actions, including using a knife to steal a police cruiser after the accident, were met with condemnation from all corners.

The tragic accident in Waltham serves as a painful reminder of the consequences of recklessness on the road and the profound impact it can have on individuals, families, and the community as a whole. It is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and responsibility when operating vehicles and the devastating toll that can result from a single moment of poor judgment.

III. Community Response and Grief

The untimely passing of Roderick Jackson sent shockwaves through the close-knit community of Waltham, leaving a profound and lasting emotional impact on its residents. Roderick’s tragic loss resonated deeply with those who knew him and those who had the privilege of sharing their lives with this remarkable individual.

Norma Asprilla, Roderick’s grieving mother, expressed the overwhelming sorrow that enveloped her family. She tearfully stated, “Behind bars, he had a life. I no longer have my son. He took away our treasure. There can be no forgiveness.” Norma’s words encapsulate the depth of the pain felt by Roderick’s family, a pain that cannot easily be put into words.

Manuel Asprilla-Hassan, Roderick’s brother, also shared his sentiments about the profound loss. He said, “I will tell you right now that he was a legend. He was the heart of this family, of this entire family. That was the man he was. Anyone who knew him, the most forgiving man ever. He was not just my brother but also my father. He was the heart of this family, and that is what was taken from us.”

These heartfelt statements from Roderick’s family members paint a poignant picture of the deep grief and sense of loss that pervades their lives. Roderick was not just a son and a brother; he was a pillar of strength and a source of boundless love and support.

In response to this tragic incident, the Waltham community rallied together to provide comfort and solace to Roderick’s family. The outpouring of support and condolences from friends, neighbors, and colleagues has been overwhelming. It is a testament to the impact that Roderick had on the lives of those around him and the high regard in which he was held.

Colleagues at National Grid spoke of Roderick Jackson as a phenomenal coworker and a wonderful father figure. Joe Garcia, a fellow National Grid worker, expressed, “He had ambitions, great ambitions. And this person took it all away from him.”

Garcia also shed light on the dangers that utility workers face while working on the roadside, emphasizing the need for caution and awareness from the community. He said, “It’s tragic. This is something we deal with as utility workers and as police officers. I just pray for the families. The job of utility workers is that we’re always in traffic areas. You see us out there every day. You know what that is. People, slow down. I don’t know exactly what happened, they’re still investigating.”

The collective grief of the community, the heartfelt condolences, and the shared pain serve as a testament to the indelible mark that Roderick Jackson left on the hearts of those who knew him, and they underscore the deep loss experienced by all.