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The internet was shaken in July 2021 when graphic video footage circulated on Twitter depicting the gruesome murder of America Thayer. The chilling decapitation, captured in broad daylight on a Minnesota street, spread rapidly across social platforms, sparking outrage and reigniting debates. While the disturbing video originated on Twitter, it also permeated fringe websites and Reddit, accruing millions of views. But as the footage’s ethics and legality were called into question, access was eventually limited. Though it revealed an ugly truth about violence, the viral America Thayer video left an indelible mark on the internet’s consciousness. Following !

America Thayer Video Twitter
America Thayer Video Twitter

What is the America Thayer Video on Twitter?

What Happened in the America Thayer Murder?

Alexis Saborit, Thayer’s boyfriend at the time, attacked and decapitated her on July 28, 2021 in Shakopee, Minnesota. The attack occurred while they were driving in a vehicle after Thayer told Saborit she wanted to end their relationship.

According to witnesses and video footage, Saborit first assaulted Thayer with a dumbbell while inside the car. He then dragged her lifeless body onto the street and decapitated her with a machete as people watched in horror. The graphic video shows Saborit callously picking up Thayer’s severed head by the hair before discarding it.

Saborit had a history of domestic violence, including past assault charges and threats against Thayer. At the time of the murder, he was facing charges for setting their apartment on fire during an altercation with police.

After decapitating Thayer, Saborit fled the scene but was apprehended by police about 1.5 miles away. In May 2022, he was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The violent murder shocked the local community and reignited conversations around domestic abuse and women’s safety in relationships. Thayer’s family expressed some relief that justice was served with Saborit’s conviction.

Why Did the Video Go Viral on Reddit?

The graphic and disturbing video of America Thayer’s murder captured widespread attention on Reddit for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the sheer brutality of the public decapitation was shocking even to the desensitized Reddit crowd.

Occurring openly on a city street in broad daylight, the horrific scene resembled something from a horror movie rather than real life. This extreme violence grabbed viewers’ morbid curiosity and spread rapidly across Reddit forums.

But beyond just the graphic content, Thayer’s murder video also sparked impassioned discussions about deeper issues like domestic violence and women’s rights. The video’s circulation on Reddit reignited debates about the prevalence of violence against women and what can be done to address it.

Many Reddit users condemned the attack and called for justice for Thayer. They saw her murder as a tragic example of the dangers women face from abusive partners. This sparked calls for legal reforms and improved support systems to better protect victims.

Overall, the combination of the video’s shock value and its relevance to broader social issues caused it to go viral within Reddit’s active user communities. The platform’s anonymity enabled unfiltered conversations about the graphic content and what it signified.

While the spread of such a violent video raises ethical questions, its viral nature on Reddit ultimately brought increased awareness to the urgent problem of violence against women. Thayer’s murder catalyzed calls for positive change to prevent similar tragedies.

Where Can You Watch the America Thayer Video?

When it first surfaced in July 2021, the graphic video of America Thayer’s murder spread rapidly across social media platforms like Twitter. The disturbing footage was shared widely by users before most sites took action to remove it.

Some news outlets were able to obtain copies of the viral video as well. However, due to the extremely graphic nature, most major news organizations opted not to broadcast the content.

While the video originated on Twitter, it also circulated through other channels like Reddit and fringe websites. This allowed it to reach a wide audience initially despite platforms quickly moving to take down uploads.

Today, the accessibility of the America Thayer murder video is very limited compared to when it first appeared. Leading social networks have scrubbed uploads and banned reposts in line with violent content policies.

Nonetheless, some copies of the video may still exist in darker corners of the internet that lack moderation. But it would likely require deep searching on less regulated sites to find an active link.

Overall, major platforms have made the ethical decision to remove access to the disturbing footage. While a curious few may be able to locate it, the America Thayer video is no longer available through mainstream online sources. Its circulation has been limited to deter voyeurism and prevent further trauma.